Free Ulysses Swallowtail Butterfly pattern chart

Whee, more reasons to celebrate! Last week we hit 150 posts, and for the first time hit 100 000 pageviews a month! To say thanks to you all for reading, spreading the word, and generally being nice people (yay!), I’d like to give you a sneak preview of my forthcoming pattern book. It’ll be out in a couple of weeks, I hope, and will be available for download from this site.

This pattern is suitable for loom-beading or for intarsia knitting, as the dimensions of beads and knit stitches are about the same. You could also work it in crochet, cross-stitch or needlepoint, though as these are square stitches the design will be a little stretched out sideways.

As you can see, you need 5 colours – dark and light blue, dark and light pink, and black. You could work the background in a plain colour if you prefer, or in beads/yarn of the same colour but a different texture.

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