Calling all knitters and knit or crochet designers!

Hi everyone! First an apology that there’s no tutorial today. Not only do I have a rotten cold, but it’s been an exceptionally hot week, and my air conditioner is broken. The air temperature in my apartment is currently about 40C (meep!!) so I’ve taken refuge in the local net cafe – but though I can craft here, I can’t really make craft tutorials. Sorry! The good news is, I’ll be getting a new aircon installed on Monday, so it’ll be back to business as usual :D

And now a request for your help. Throughout August, I plan to run some special features on crafting with various health problems, for example restricted movement and visual impairment. As part of that, I’d like to release some free audio knitting and crochet patterns which will be of benefit both to those with a vision impairment, and of course anyone who is fed up of constantly looking at paper patterns!

This is where I’d love your help. Obviously the greater range of patterns the better!

  • “I’m a knit/crochet designer and I’d like to record one of my patterns to share” – Yes please! I’m especially looking for patterns which are easy to work by touch – heavier yarns are ideal, and cables are easier to feel than lace. Of course, lots of people like a challenge, so if you have a more complex or lacy design, don’t be afraid to share it! See below for recording instructions.
  • “I’m a knit/crochet designer and I’d like to share one of my patterns, but don’t have time to record it.” – Don’t worry, Send me a copy or link to the pattern, and I’d be glad to record as many as I can, or recruit others to help!
  • “I don’t have any patterns of my own, but I’d like to help record” - That would be great! Hopefully we’ll have some donated patterns to pass along, but if you’ve seen a pattern that you think would be good to include, feel free to go ahead and record it. However, please don’t record copyrighted patterns – either look for a creative commons licence, or ask permission from the designer.

How to record a pattern

You don’t need fancy audio equipment, just a microphone and some audio recording software such as Audacity (which is free).

At the start of the recording, please say the name and type of the pattern, your name, and the name of the designer. Make sure you include any notes such as yarn, needle or hook size, gauge, and any other information that you think is relevant. If you will use abbreviations, please explain them at the start. It will probably be just as easy to read out the instructions without abbreviating, however. You don’t need to be a professional BBC announcer, but please speak as clearly as you can, and leave a pause of 1-3 seconds between rows. This means that the user can pause the recording while they work on the current row without running into the next row and having to search back and forth.

If you make a mistake, it’s easy to fix with Audacity. Tap the microphone or make a loud noise, then repeat the line you flubbed. When you’ve finished recording, you’ll be able to see the taps as spikes in the wave diagram, so you can easily find them and go back to edit the mistakes out.

When you’ve finished, either proof-listen yourself, or send me a copy of the pattern along with the audio so I can proof-listen.

Please save your audio as either mp3 or ogg files – I have run into problems with wma files (yeah, serves me right for being a linux geek *lol*)

Email your completed files to, or upload them to a service such as rapidshare and send me the link. I’d prefeably like to get the compilation released by the end of August, though of course files can be added later.

The finished collection will be licenced with a noncommercial attribution sharealike Creative Commons licence, meaning that anyone can use the patterns for non-commercial purposes, providing they credit you as author.

Last but not least, whether you have a pattern to share or not, PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS!! You can use the addtoany button below to quickly share this post on facebook, twitter, and other social sites, or to email it to friends. Thankyou!

5 thoughts on “Calling all knitters and knit or crochet designers!

  1. That is such an interesting project! I hesitate to add any of my patterns, since they are normally very, very simple (and improvised), and I knit Eastern European (also known as Ass Backwards) but I wouldn’t mind helping you record any, if they come with detailed instructions as to what each stitch is called.

    As for tactile clues, you can never have too many stitch markers, and they can all have different shapes.

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