Saturday Quickie – crochet a hair scrunchie

…well, Sunday quickie this week – sorry! Today I’ll show you how to cover a pony band with crochet, to make a crochet lace scrunchie.

You’ll need:

  • Pony band/hair elastic
  • Your choice of yarn
  • crochet hook to suit yarn
  • tapestry needle for weaving in ends

Pull¬† loop of yarn through the hair elastic, and chain 2 into that loop. Now you’ll make a double crochet into the ring of the elastic. Yarn over your hook once, then insert the hook through the elastic, front to back. Yarn over, and pull the yarn through to the front – you’ll have 2 loops on the hook. Yarn over, and draw through the first 2 loops, yarn over again, and draw through the remaining loops.

Double crochet all the way round, pushing the finished stitches together tightly so the ring of double crochet stitches ruffles. Crochet a multiple of 3, and then join the round with a slipstitch.

On the next round, chain 3, skipping 2 double crochets, and single crochet into the 3rd stitch, all the way round. On round three, single crochet 5 times into each of the 3-chain loops. Fasten off with  slipstitch and weave in the loose end.

You can change rounds 2 and 3, using any lacy stitch you like to cover a hair elastic.

How to cover a hair elastic to make a crochet lace scrunchie

One thought on “Saturday Quickie – crochet a hair scrunchie

  1. This is absolutely fantastic.I wanted to start crocheting real small. This is just perfect. Thank you

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